BACH WEN and COVID – 19.    (issued July 11th)

We are open again from July 13th ! Hooray!

While the site is open we are waiting to open the bar and do Sunday lunches. If you are coming to stay we will tell you on arrival what is happening each week and of course we can provide bar 'takeaways'! 

We will be making every possible effort to ensure the site is managed in line with current guidance, however it is important to understand that all holidaymakers use our site at their own risk.  If we are all vigilant we are sure it will remain a healthy place to enjoy holidays in this challenging time.

As part of our local community and we want everyone to feel that we, and our guests, are doing everything to minimize Covid – 19 and any strain on local facilities. 

Please note our new arrival and departure times which allow us to give more time for the cleaners between bookings. Also note that we are NOT providing towels at this time.