Bach Wen Holiday Cottages

At Bach Wen, we are aiming to become a carbon neutral site, and we encourage guests to minimise their environmental impact through the following measures:

* Use the separate bins provided for different types of waste, including food waste. Our recycling bins accept plastic, cardboard, glass, cans – any item that       displays the recycling symbol can be put in the large bin on site marked Recycling. There is a food waste caddy in each house, the only items that cannot         go into the caddy is raw meat and bones and there is a large Food Waste bin alongside the Recycling bin as well as a General Waste for landfill.

* Use the environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products provided.

* Support local food producers and restaurants – buy local. We recommend Henbant, a local organic farm; and there are roadside stalls selling wyau/eggs,         tatws/potatoes, and other stuff.

* We are using LED bulbs, and ask that you switch off lights and other appliances when not in use.

In running Bach Wen holiday cottages:

* We are leaving more areas of the site unmown – this encourages more biodiversity: the edges of lawns are left to grow deliberately, providing habitats for       insects, moths and butterflies, and we are not cutting the paddock but instead letting wildflowers flourish there.

* We do not use pesticides or pest control poison anywhere on site.

* We have installed solar photovoltaic panels on the barn and on Golan to support your energy use coming from renewable sources.

* We have planted 200 trees so far on site and are making two new hedgerows. 

* We have begun growing veg and plan on installing both a pond and an orchard very soon.

* We have reinstated Nant Bach Wen (the stream that runs through the glade to the beach).

* We will soon be installing electric car charging points in two locations on site.

* We supply environmentally friendly washing/cleaning materials for our guests; and use eco cleaning products in our own cleaning routine; and for washing     the bed linen too.